A Lincoln Knight

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I have recently worked with The Nomad Trust to design and paint one of the 36 Lincoln Knights that will be in a fantastic trail through the city of Lincoln this summer.

The design began with visits to the Nomad Trust night shelter and talking to the service users for their thoughts and ideas. The colourful design leads up to the colours of the Nomad Trust and is based on maps. This could be interpreted as the streets they walk on or the map of how they got to where they are now. The lines also give the feeling of something that is broken or shattered. It is a spectrum of colours to represent how everyone and their stories are so different. They also wanted a knight that is not easy to ignore - I think we've managed this!

As well as helping to paint him, they also gave some quotes. A few of these have been written on the knight but others are here. They wanted to give you an insight into what it feels like or means to be homeless. It can happen to people in all walks of life and this is just a little of what they had to say....

'To walk somewhere to nowhere, until night'


C3-umddWEAAuGDd.jpg large

Photo by Ruth Pigott

'Despair in waves'



Photo by Ruth Pigott


'I had to escape'



Photo by Ruth Pigott


'Imagine a life without possessions'



Photo by Ruth Pigott


'Lost everything, starting again'



Photo by Ruth Pigott


'I am just like you'



Photo by Ruth Pigott



There are a number of sponsors, different companies and groups, who have sponsored this knight and in doing so have helped support The Nomad Trust.  Two of these sponsors also helped with the painting! The Nomad Trust charity will be receiving some of the money raised through this wonderful trail and the auction of all the knights in September.

Here are just a few of the sponsors including Arora Marketing, Saul Fairholm and Lincoln WI


Photo by Steve Smailes

The trail starts 20th May until the 3rd September - find more details here

Enjoy the trail and maybe when you see this knight, spare a thought for those who have found themselves homeless in our city and support the Nomad Trust in it's endeavours to help them.

Add #Lincolnknights to any of your selfies

Photo by instagrammer @littlemaryjayne

Here's our knight having a day out before the trail begins - hope you have fun spotting them all this summer.

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