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What image do you have in your head when you think about China?....... or Jamaica? .........maybe Brazil? .....and what about America?

This was put to White's Wood Academy in Gainsborough. All the children from this junior school were invited to research and create a design based on one country which their class had chosen to represent. I then received all their colourful and varied designs from which I put together 4 finished designs, trying to keep true to their thoughts and images.

There is some real talent inside those classrooms, here are their first thoughts on the countries:

Y3 picked China as their country to research. A wonderful collection of pandas spilled out of the designs, it was clear a panda needed to feature in their final design! They had such clear images of dragons and lanterns and the final design started to take on a night time feel.


Y4 had the theme of Jamaica. Their designs focused on Jamaican fruits, with lots of colourful ackee, star apples, pineapples and bananas appearing in the designs. A few had these fruits drawn against the Jamaican flag and there the design was set.


Y5 looked at Brazil. An interesting collection of designs emerged with geometric patterns. The class had used the shapes found within the flag to produce their compositions. These shapes became the focus for the final design and led to using just the Brazillian flag colours.


Y6 produced an assortment of designs based on America. Lots had the American flag being central to their designs. Bear, eagles and skyscrapers appeared.


The final designs were inked and once these were finished it started to become clear which mediums would suit each design. Each metre square board was to be made with different materials, producing a combination of textures, patterns and colours. Using acrylics, mosaics, relief prints and 3D tissue sculpting - all of which are accessible for the pupils ages and abilities.

fnished designsWe then began an arts week with each year group having a day to complete all the elements needed for their board. The pupils had great enthusiasm for the project and worked incredibly hard each day.

6And they have got some pretty fantastic results. Well done all the pupils at White's Wood Academy - you were brilliant : )


Y3. Tissue Sculpting China


Y6. American Mosaic


Y5. Toucan Print


Y4. Jamaica Mural



Colourful School Corridor


Bright Brazil carnival ending the row in the corridor






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