Colourful Collage: The world and its landmarks

I've just finished working in one of three schools from the Tall Oaks Academy Trust in Gainsborough. All three schools are producing wall art around the theme of 'learning around the world' over the next term. So the project has just started at Mercer's Wood Academy, with a team of fantastic Y6 pupils.

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Their week began studying famous landmarks. I then met up with them and on our first day we worked in groups exploring a variety of printmaking techniques and mark making. The day included making their own mark making tools, plastic bag printing, mono prints and relief prints whilst using different papers, tools, paints and inks. With a lot of enthusiasm we made lots of different printed papers whilst exploring the various printing styles. Each group had their own colour so later they could easily find their prints in the finished works.

marks 3

Day two started the process of using their prints within a collage of either the world or one of its famous landmarks. We found many fantastic treasures within their printed artwork. These were cut into circles to then collage onto the shapes I had pre cut for the project. They also used a variety of other papers, decoupage strips, an old book, plastic bags and even the Leader of School's old stamp book that became a valuable and intriguing collection for our work. It was quite entertaining to be reminded that stamps once cost 2½ pence!


Which landmarks would you pick?


stitched world collage

The pupils worked really hard - its a busy task collaging the world! They did a beautiful job and have completed a fantastic piece of work that the rest of the school can enjoy. The colourful work has been installed in their school entrance for everyone to see. A lovely legacy for these Y6 pupils to leave behind once they leave this school in the summer.


Well done Y6 - you were brilliant to work with and your hard work has paid off, you should be very proud of yourselves 🙂






  1. The magpie
    May 2, 2016 -

    Wowsers! This is fabulous. What an entrance to a school.

    • Ruth
      May 3, 2016 -

      thanks!! That's a brilliant comment to find this morning :) the kids were fab to work with so it was lovely to do

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