Painting a Mural with Every Child in the School

A parcel of designs posted through the door, what a treat to open the bundle up and find the rich diversity of pictures. Each an entry by the children or parents from St Nicholas school to celebrate Proud Parent week.  A small number of the many entrants had been selected by the school council. It became my job to pull out parts of these designs and transport them into a series of three new designs.

With a little direction and the use of a grid, these designs were  drawn up by the Year 6 children onto 8ft boards. The rest of the year groups took it in turns to paint the colours into to these pictures. But this usually didn't happen until the groups had exclaimed amazement that the Y6's had drawn such great pictures for them .....


Reception and Year 1 painted the central board that would become the 'O' in PROUD.  Year 2 and 3 painted the beginning board of 'PR'.  Suitably impressed with what the younger children had achieved then went on to paint their boards with renewed belief in themselves. This left Y4 and 5 to finish the series with the final 'UD' board.


Some of the children could see parts of their winning designs inside these new combined pictures. This included the boy who had drawn the wonderful energetic illustration of his dad throwing him up in the air. His mum was particularly proud when she came to the unveiling of the murals and discovered his design installed in the school grounds for every child and visitor to see.


Ribbons cut, murals unveiled, singing and dancing by the pupils. A perfect way to spend the last day of term.

School Mural drawn and painted by all the Year groups


Post by Ruth

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  1. June 3, 2014 -

    Thank you Ruth- the final outcome was amazing and the children had really got loads out of the project. Looking forward to working with you again.

    • Ruth Pigott
      June 3, 2014 -

      It was lots of fun all round

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