The Waiting Game

Imagine I'm stood on top of a cloud, jumping up and down, a bit of disco music, flashing lights and waving my arms about ...with a box full of these  party-blower .....

..got that pictured in your head? ..ok.. so, happy and excited then. The reason why? Well, I'm really proud to let you know that one of my favourite projects has been nominated in this years Lincolnshire Heritage Awards, for the Inspiration Award.

YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know I shouldn't get to hopeful because there will be other great projects in this category, but AAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

Some of you may have followed the project whilst it was happening from posts on the Curiosity Creators Facebook Page or you may have even been part of it. It is the Gainsborough Old Hall project in which I worked with the ladies from the local women's aid centre to make our own interpretation of the Tudor wall painting that was being restored. We met up weekly over several months and made a large textile wall hanging that is now on permanent display in the Old Hall's Gift shop.

The ladies made all the detailed pieces to enhance the work. The group was a naturally changing and evolving group as some women were only in the area for a short while whilst they were waiting to move to a new home. Others were settling in the area and so became part of the groups constant sewing crew. These women built up relationships with each other, had a group to discuss what had happened to them, providing empathy and support. Quite a lot of the time we delved into nonsense talk and laughs. It was great to witness some of the ladies changing over time and growing in confidence. All this was happening whilst we slowly all worked on various different 2D and 3D textile elements of the wall hanging.

Visit the work in the Old Hall and look for all the gold work tags, each with an initial to represent each lady who helped stitch and make the work you will be looking at.

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gains old hall 019 800

gains old hall finished 031


gains old hall finished 090c

All colours based on the paint pigments found during the Tudor wall painting restoration.


This is a film from Gainsborough Old Hall about their entire restoration project for the Tudor wall painting. At around the 5 minute mark is the story of the wall hanging.



Fingers and toes crossed for us. The awards will be announced on the 10th July.

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just a little update:


We did it!!

ring s2.50

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    Fingers crossed indeed!

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