Are You A YellowBelly?!

Photo by John Jenkins


With our YellowBelly Baron about to be installed outside the Odeon Cinema at the Brayford in Lincoln, the question is - do you know what a YellowBelly is and are you one??!


Photo by Ruth


For anyone outside of Lincolnshire you may be thinking it has something to do with being a coward - you're so wrong!!

You may not be aware but a Yellowbelly is the name given to someone who is born and bred in Lincolnshire.  You will find a proud bunch of people happily telling you they are a Yellowbelly, however, if you ask them where the term came from you might start to hear different stories.

Claims to the origin of the term vary. From the officers of the Royal North Lincolnshire Militia who used to wear bright yellow waistcoats, the old mail coach which had a yellow underside, market traders expressions if it had been a good day and their apron pockets were full of gold coins to a disputed tale of a yellowbellied newt that used to live in the Fens. Which one do you think it was, or do you know a different story?


Photo by Ruth


If you spot our baron you will see he is wrapped with words such as 'Proud to be a Yellowbelly' and 'Love Lincolnshire'  but if you get up close to him you will be able to find Lincolnshire terms written on him. Some of these terms have come from the Lincolnshire dictionary and others have come from the YellowBellies who came into the shop whilst he was being painted.

Phrases such as 'as doley as Dot's donkey' (laid back), 'git agaate on it' (hurry up) 'nah then' and its 'puthering down' (raining)  ...(which is quite likely through the summer!) and many more



Photo by Ruth


Want to see how long it takes to paint a Baron? Here I am, working in the glamorous empty shop on the High Street in May. Film by Optima Design - the YellowBelly Baron sponsors


So if you are a YellowBelly .. make sure you find our YellowBelly Baron. He will be at the Brayford all summer from June 13th until the Baron trail finishes in September. Have a selfie with him and post your photos on his very own facebook page or hashtag #YellowBellyBaron. Find a trail map here


And if you are a Yellowbelly, please say hello in our comments below and even let us know a Lincolnshire phrase that you use or used to hear.

So 'collyshangle' with your 'jaum-friends' and have a 'bibble- babble' and 'cuff a parle' by our baron, you'll have a great time, 'awarrant it'!

.... and 'I'll si thee' 



  1. Ruth
    June 8, 2015 -

    Don't forget to say hello here especially if you are a yellow belly. Looking forward to seeing your selfies, use #LincolnBarons or #YellowBellyBaron on social media

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