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Curious about what we do?
Curiosity Creators delivers community arts.

We always have the community at the heart of our projects. Whether the project is big or small, the people we are working with are at the core.

We tailor make each project to suit who we are working with. We are happy to adapt a project as it grows and collaborate with those we are working with or for.

From workshops, pop ups, commissions, festivals, parades  - working with children to adults. Our aim is to make our work inclusive, inspiring and fun

We are based in the beautiful county of Lincolnshire and have already worked with lots of communities and schools in the county and further afield in the East Midlands. We travel a lot!




Curiosity Creators is the creation of Ruth Pigott. Ruth has worked in community arts since 2001 and has a wealth of experience and ideas for projects set within community groups, schools and festivals.

She set up Curiosity Creators to create a platform for collaboration with other artists & community groups, so that the projects we work on can grow and become bigger with different minds and talents coming together.

Ruth has a BA Theatre Design, she works as a mixed media artist as well as being the artistic director of Curiosity Creators.

If you are an artist and enjoy collaborative projects, Ruth would love to hear from you. The majority of the projects are based in Lincolnshire and this year Curiosity Creators is focusing on the West Lindsey District.

If you are a community group or school, we would love to discuss possible projects with you. Projects and workshops are tailor made to suit your needs.

Looking into arts awards? Ruth is a trained advisor and would love to support you in gaining your award. Arts Award Advisor - Discover, Explore, Bronze and silver

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Look forward to hearing from you.