Ruth Pigott and my curious collections

Hello I'm Ruth, the face behind Curiosity Creators
A pick and mix of puppetry, costumes & props for theatre, festivals and events

I have a very curious imagination that wants to transport you from your current reality to a moment of magic.

Creating beautifully designed work to unlock a door so that we can escape to an extraordinary day. Come along and have a peek through the door with me.

I trained as a theatre designer and bring an eclectic mix of skills to commissions. I have worked in theatre & outdoor events and have a wealth of experience and ideas.  I also work in event management and producer roles.

I particularly love to make puppets and props, playing with ideas to see how far we can stretch them.

I love creating work that will surprise & bring a smile to performers, participants and audiences.

If you want to see what I am currently up to, you can find me on instagram and twitter


For all enquiries contact me at ruth@curiositycreators.co.uk